di·glotting (learning a second language). Not to be confused with dig·lotting (digging a lot of holes). Derived from di·glot (adjective – to be bilingual; noun – a bilingual book).

The name is Kevin and I was born and bred in the utopian paradise of New Zealand. I currently reside in the midwestern United States with my wonderful wife.

I enjoy studying modern theology. Some theologians who have helped me along my journey are Jürgen Moltmann and Jacques Ellul. But my favorite philosopher/theologian is that great Dane, Søren Kierkegaard—the prophet of existential despair and at the same time the preacher of joy in suffering; the master of Socratic irony; a champion of inwardness; and the gadfly of Christendom.

Another area I also enjoy studying is early Christianity and its corollaries. Authors in this field that I appreciate are Dale Allison, Richard Bauckham, Adela Yarbro Collins, James Dunn, and others.

I also enjoy running (I am but a mere hobby-jogger) and chess (patzer for life).

Take a book, the poorest one written, but read it with the passion that it is the only book you will read—ultimately you will read everything out of it, that is, as much as there was in yourself, and you could never get more out of reading, even if you read the best of books.  (Kierkegaard, Stages on Life’s Way)