Unit 8

Answers to the ‘Exercise’ questions of Unit 8 of Greek: An Intensive Course by Hansen and Quinn. If you spot an error or have alternate suggestions of translation then please leave a comment below. (Note: Answers to Drill questions will be coming sometime in the future).

Note: As with a lot of the questions in H&Q, they can be translated into English in noticeably different ways (e.g. section I, question 5). Feel free to leave alternate translations in the comments.

Section I

  1. After having left the old men, we have come in order to indict all the speakers, the ones who have stolen, [on account] of bribery.
  2. Let us perform a sacrifice to the gods who saved the Athenians in that battle in order that all the gods now want to guard the democracy.
  3. If only they, since they broke the peace first, would send messengers.
  4. Those evil men, who led the good and wise teacher to death, will be harmed, you know, by the gods, due to doing shameful things.
  5. The man stealing the things of others and at the same time persuading all the young men to do evil things, even if he wasn’t sacrificing to the gods, was he harming the entire country or not?
  6. Let us [feminine, i.e. women] sacrifice since we have been saved.
  7. Since the enemy destroyed the unguarded bridge, all the hoplites were leaving their weapons in the plain so that they keep peace now, at least.
  8. In the well-guarded country the army did not rule the people, but if the citizens were harmed by the enemy, everyone, leaving the old men in the houses, were appointed by the generals in order that they might guard against those having come into the land.
  9. The books being written by the good poets will teach, in fact, women that are not slaves.
  10. Although the general had stationed the soldiers next to the sea, he nonetheless refused to lead them six stades into battle.
  11. We have left gifts for that poet, at least, who has written about virtue.  For he has taught all [the women] to do good things.
  12. Having left money for those evil orators, I then led the army into the country of the Greeks not being guarded by the soldiers.
  13. Old man, virtue, you know, is the thing saving the whole country.
  14. Are not all the things having been done for the gods just?
  15. He led the soldiers into the field in order to begin a battle, of course.
  16. If you should do good things, brother, I would send during the night those animals that have been sacrificed by the old man.
  17. That shameful orator, although having sent bribes to all the unjust men and at the same time having persuaded the people to destroy the peace, nonetheless wanted to be saved by all the free men, instead of being justly harmed.
  18. Since we [women] are doing badly, let us neither keep peace nor be slaves to evilmen.
  19. After having been persuaded by bad orators, the Athenians were willing to rule all the islands for the sake of their friends, and thereupon while some (of the islands) used to send money, others who did not obey were harmed.
  20. Although having guarded the freedom of all that night, O Greeks,  will you know in fact neither obey the generals who desire to save everyone nor save the country, even though you have been stationed in battle?
  21. You, shameful orator, were sent to the marketplace by the people in order to be indicted with theft.
  22. Although having left good books to his friends, the poet was buried by the young men who had been taught well and nobly.
  23. Good women, having indicted the wine thieves of theft, we will guard the houses.
  24. Now, you know, we ought to send gifts at least to the good men who have stationed the army in battle.  For without virtue, the generals will destroy the democracy, harming the just [men] and doing both unjust and shameful things.
  25. They had come to the island, you know, in order to stop the war, but they desired to steal the goats and the wine, the gifts which we had sent to the goddess.
  26. Are we to prevent, in fact, that old man from teaching the young men because he  stole the wine from the house?
  27. Will you come into that country for five days in order to teach the citizens rhetoric? But you might not be teaching them if you are being guarded by the old men, at least.
  28. Having been left on the island and having destroyed the democracy, they nevertheless then, after having stolen silver, were harming all the people who are well-civilized.
  29. In wine, you know, even that wise man was doing shameful things. For having left his brothers, he was dancing around the house.
  30. Having been saved in that battle, you could make a sacrifice to the goddesses who have guarded the land.
  31. The orators, at least, were persuading the general neither to lead the other army to the sea nor to guard the land, despite the hoplites being well stationed.
  32. Being taught by good men, brothers, you will indict the orators of bribery, the ones who are not obeying the good [men].
  33. If we begin a battle, we might cause the enemy to be harmed since they destroyed the peace.
  34. Young man, if you steal all the wine, you will be harmed because you did unjust things.
  35. If we harm the enemy, at least, we will then sacrifice to the goddess because she is guarding the bodies, the money, and the souls of all the citizens.
  36. If you obeyed the orator writing speeches about war, O Greeks, you would be guarding against the men who left their weapons behind in battle.

Section II

  1. καίπερ βλαπτόμενοι ὑπό τῶν νεανιῶν, οὐκ ἤθελον οἱ πολῖται τὴν δημοκρατίαν λῦσαι.  ὁ δὲ στρατηγὸς ἤγαγε τοὺς στρατιώτας εἰς τὴν χῶραν ὡς ἄρξων ἵνα τῆς νήσου.
  2. ἐὰν βλαφθῇ ἐν μάχῃ, οἱ πολεμίοι ἐθελήσουσι παῦσαι τὸν πόλεμον.
  3. εἰ ἐλίπομεν τοι τὸν στράτηγον καὶ πἀντας τοῦς ὁπλίτας ἐκεῖ, μή ἐπαύσαμεν τὴν μάχην ἀν.
  4. ἀγαγώμεν τὸν αἶγα κλαπέντα εἰς τὴν τῶν στρατιωτῶν οἰκίαν τῶν εἰς τὴν μάχην πεμφθέντων στρατιώτων

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